Can I pay using a purchase order (PO)?
High schools and colleges using purchase orders must email the following information: Purchase Order Number, Billing Address, Shipping Address, Contact Name, Contact Phone Number, and Products Needed.

Where should I line up the ball when using the Insider Bat?
We have found that lining up the ball between the belt buckle and front leg gets the best results. The ball in this area really forces the hitter to “stay inside” the ball when using the Insider Bat. Also, when soft tossing, pitch ball in same area.

What drills can be used with the Insider Bat?
One armed drills are excellent drills when using the Insider Bat. Also, line up a target (trash can lid, cardboard, etc.) 5′ – 10′ away. The hitter sometimes will not even realize that everytime they hit the target, they are further engraining the proper muscle memory of the correct swing. Also, pregame and on deck during a game is a great time for last minute reinforcement before going to the plate.

Can I use hard balls with the insider bat?
No. The Insider Bat should only be used w/plastic, foam and tennis type balls.

I would like to order an Insider Bat for my entire team, are there group discounts?
Yes, multiple order discounts are available, simply inquire at

I am a High School Coach and would like to use a purchase order (PO) from our school. Do you take PO’s from Schools?
Absolutely, just email with PO# and contact information.

Can I use a personal check / money order to purchase?
Certainly. Make check payable to:

Todd Walters, Inc. / Insider Bat
P.O. Box 79
Westville, OH 43083

Be sure to include shipping address and model Number !

My son / daughter is very young and inexperienced. Will the Insider Bat work for them?
Definitely. The beauty of the device is that the hitter does not need to know the complicated “physics” of the swing. They simply need to put the paddle flat on the ball and they will begin to develop the proper swing fundamentals from the start. If they can kill a fly with a flyswatter, they can use the Insider bat properly.

What is the oval shape of the handle for?
The oval shape of the handle is used to prevent the hitter from “choking” the insiderbat.  If the hitter “chokes” the insiderbat/ he/she will not be able to make correct contact with the paddle.  The hitter does not have to have “knuckles” lined up perfectly, but lined up somewhere in between the two sets of knuckles.

Please email with further questions.