The Insider Bat™ is not only an excellent muscle memory tool, it is also perfect for diagnosing problem swings.  With all the features associated with the Insider Bat™, a player or coach can pinpoint any problem areas of the swing.  If a player is already swinging correctly, the Insider Bat™ will only act to further ingrain the correct muscle memory swing patterns.

Each feature of the Insider Bat™ works in conjunction with the others to create the PERFECT SWING.





HOW TO USE THE Insider Bat™

The Insider Bat™ is designed for right handed & left handed hitters.

Example 1

Example 3

Example 2

The oval handle of the Insider Bat™ promotes proper grip.






Royce Huffman, 10-year MLB veteran who played with the Chicago White Sox,

Houston Astros, San Diego Padres, and Texas Rangers, demonstrates how to

swing the Insider Bat™.