“We used The Insider Bat for two weeks on three different age groups: 10U, 12U and 16U. The Insider Bat did what it says it does; makes the athlete’s swing inside the ball. It also gives you instant feed back about their swing.

Each individual girl had their own issues, however as a whole this is what we noticed with each age group.

With the 10U as they were swinging with it, we were able to quickly correct their swing. They were lunging at the ball and swinging long. This was able to help us correct the problem before habits begin to build.

With the 12U – they were rolling their wrists too soon and again we were able to correct the problem immediately.

With the 16U – staying inside the ball is where we noticed they had the most trouble.

With the short amount of time that we had it, we realize there is still much work to be done. It’s a great tool for the cost. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to utilize this and test it before purchasing. We were very impressed and we will be buying The Insider Bat. If you have any questions, please let me know.”

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