Gary Gaetti

“The innovative design of the INSIDER BAT and its simplicity of use, makes this device one of my favorite and useful tools for teaching hitters the proper set up, grip and swing path.

The INSIDER BAT is fun to use, gives immediate feedback and is challenging all at the same time.

I recommend the INSIDER BAT to all my clients – not just for use at the batting cage, but also at home and on the road. Its light weight and size make it ideal for taking swings anytime, anywhere, even in a hotel room.

I wish I would have had an INSIDER BAT during my playing days for those many times I needed to practice but was limited by space and time.

Try the INSIDER BAT today, I’m sure you will like it!”


Gary Gaetti

(The G-Man)
19 Year Major League Career
Former Houston Astros Hitting Coach
2507 Games Played
360 Career Home Runs (Tied with Joe Dimaggio)
2280 Career Hits
1341 Career RBI

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