Tiffany J. Brooks

“As a private lessons instructor and clinician, a current elite-level/international women’s baseball player and former pro/international softball player, I am in a unique position to evaluate the Insider Bat with numerous students of both sports. I use the Insider Bat training tool nearly every day with students of all ages – from age 7 to adult right now—and can say, without a doubt, this is the finest single hitting instructional tool I’ve had the privilege of trying for either softball or baseball! The Insider Bat has proven to be durable and invaluable in promoting proper rotational hitting technique. With good application and instruction, this tool will help anyone from parents to coaches to the player herself or himself to correct early wrist rolling, proper hand positioning at contact, and proper contact in the swing plane. Put that all together, and you have line drives, base hits, and home runs. I can’t say enough good about this important new addition to every hitter’s or instructor’s “tool box.”!

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