Todd Blyleven

Hi Steve, I hope you are well. Things are great here. Getting into the busy season with lessons. Fun though. Listen I have been using your Insider Bat with College guys down to the Tee-Baller and this is the best Hitting Tool I have ever used. I wanted to give it some time and see the results of its use over a couple months, and it has been amazing. Great job. Anyway you asked me for an endorsement so here it is… “I have been using the Insider Bat to work with College Players down to the Tee Baller. I have seen Dramatic results with their overall swings. This tool is so YES or NO in its teachings. Either you have a good swing or you don’t. Its simple to teach with and its simple to learn with. Most of my clients that have been using this, including my switch hitting 6 yo son, are making more consistent line drive contact and are so excited about this product. My nephew went from a Mediocre JV High School Hitter to the Lead Off Hitter for his Varsity Team in two months while working with the Insider Bat. I recommend every coach should use this tool with working with his/her players swings from the Highest level down…Simply Amazing!!!”

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